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LED handlebar light which is small and powerful

This is our choice for the bars.

The Genesis is designed to work with the Exodus for MTB riding. The Genesis has a shorter but wider spread of light (which is what you need from a bar light) whereas the Exodus has a long throw of light (which is what you need from a helmet light). This means you have two different light beam patterns doing two different jobs - there’s no point having two lights doing the same job.
If you want to utilise helmet lights you already have, the Genesis will perform well with helmet lights up to 2500 lumens.
NOTE:  For road riding, if your speed is predominately above 15 mph then you should consider the Exodus as it throws the light further, allowing you more time to see what coming up (eg. potholes).

Lumens: 2000 high : Lumens: 375 low

Low Flash :High Flash:low on plus high flash

LEDs: 4 x White LED's
Lens: Custom 25mm
Weight: 63g

Why do I want it?

Four4th's LEDs are bigger in size which means they have a wider penetration when passing though the lens, giving a bigger pool of light

  • Powered by FOUR4TH’s motion & temperature controlled driver board
  • Larger on/off switch  (ideal when using winter gloves)
  • Built-in LED fuel indicator
  • High quality power connectors (which screw in, will not detach & highly corrosion resistant)
  • Unique locking system (light detaches easily from the bars leaving the bar mount in place)
  • Lightweight
  • Al/Al CNC machined
  • 1 year warranty: all parts made at FOUR4TH for long term serviceability at low cost

Available with a choice of battery options to suit your needs:

  • 2600mAh Quick Release battery
  • 3400mAh Quick Release battery
  • 5200mAh Quick Release Enduro battery
  • 3300mAh pouch battery
  • 2600mAh Li-Po bottle battery 70mm diameter 
  • 5200mAh Li-Po bottle battery 70mm diameter 

Battery run times:

Battery Capacity High Low
2600mAh 2h 10 18h
3400mAh 2h 20 21h
5200mAh 4h 45 35h
3300mAh 3h 15 23h


With bar mount, charger and battery of your choice.

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