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LED bar light –  Cable Free And Powerful
Lumens: 5200 (with green LEDs)
Lens: Custom 25mm

Why do I want it?

Looking for a fuss-free, cable-free front light? Look no further than the Rameses. The latest release from FOUR4TH sees our brightest handlebar light yet, boasting an impressive 5200 Lumens you are sure to rip up the trails with this monster. Robustly machined from solid aluminium alloy, the Rameses incorporates an integral rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours run time (low power). Out for longer? With our unique 'plug 'n go' innovation, if you've opted for a spare battery you can simply unscrew the depleted battery, screw in the reserve battery and you're good to go.  Supplied with our Ramses fixed handlebar mount, 2600mAh plug and go Battery and charger.

  • Powered by FOUR4TH’s motion & temperature controlled driver board
  • Larger on/off switch (ideal when using winter gloves)
  • Built-in LED fuel indicator.
  • High quality power connectors
  • Unique locking system
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Al/Al CNC machined
  • 1 year warranty : all parts made at FOUR4TH for long term serviceability at low cost
  • 2600mAh Plug and go battery battery
  • Length:125mm
  • Weight: 460G

Battery run times:

Battery Capacity High Medium Low
2600mAh 1h 20 3h 8h 40

With bar mount, charger and battery.

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