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Rechargeable 1600 lumen LED light for helmet or bars

Looking for a fuss-free, cable-free front light? Look no further than the Scorch - the latest beacon in the FOUR4TH armoury. Thanks to touch screen technology there are no switches or buttons to clutter the design of this deceptively simple-looking torch - just touch the lens to quickly and easily turn the light on or off.  Robustly machined from solid aluminium alloy, the Scorch incorporates an integral rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours run time (low power). Out for longer? With our unique 'plug 'n go' innovation, if you've opted for a spare battery you can simply unscrew the depleted battery, screw in the reserve battery and you're good to go. Scorch has white LEDs which are sure to light up the trail. Supplied with our universal handlebar mount or as a helmet light with the FOUR4TH helmet mount.

Why do I want it?

  • 1600 Lumens on High Power, 700 Lumens on Low Power
  • Lightweight, cable-free design
  • Touch screen technology
  • Innovative 'plug 'n go' spare battery option
  • 2 battery size options
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Double o-ring sealed and silicon sealed
  • Al/Al CNC machined
  • Powered by FOUR4TH temperature controlled driver board
  • Easy to recharge the li-ion battery with our plug-in charger (provided)
  • Can also be used as a hand-held torch
  • Running head strap also available



Scorch is sold with the small size battery (black collar). To make use of the 'plug 'n go' capability of Scorch, select an additional battery/batteries from the ''Accessories'' section of the website.

Scorch will run for up to:
2600 mAh  –  small battery  –  black collar

1hr 10mins on high power
3hrs 20mins on low power
3400 mAh  –  large battery  –  silver collar
1hr 30mins on high power
4hrs 20mins on low power

Cable free design with bracket and charger

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