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The Scorpion QR rear LED light from FOUR4TH

The new and improved Scorpion QR. We’ve gone to town on this one, machining it from solid aluminium alloy and giving it a sprung load quick-release system. By reducing the number of moving parts and incorporating our plug ‘n’ go battery system, we’ve created a robust and good looking light which will strongly signal your presence on the road. The Scorpion attaches to your seat rails with our unique clamping bracket and is operated by a touch sensitive lens - allowing you to quickly and easily turn the light on and off, changing modes by simply keeping your finger on the lens.

With our unique plug 'n' go battery system there's no need to worry about running out of power.  Simply unscrew your depleted battery and replace it with a spare (sold separately) and you're good to go.

Note: riders with forward saddle position may require the scorpion extension bracket.

Why do I want it?

  • Three modes (TT: LONE RIDING:GROUP RIDING ) utilising three hyper red LEDs @ 122 LUMENS and one bespoke green LED @ 491 LUMENS
  • Run times TBC.
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Lightweight @125 Grams
  • Double o-ring sealed and silicon sealed
  • Al/Al CNC machined
  • Powered by FOUR4TH temperature controlled driver board
  • Plug 'n' go battery technology
  • Easy to recharge the li-ion battery with our plug-in charger (provided)


TT *

  • 3 red LEDs flash twice, followed by a single mint green flash (low power)
  • 3 red LEDs flash twice, followed by a single mint green flash (high power)

Lone Riding

  • 3 red LEDs flashing (low power)
  • 3 red LEDs flashing (high power)

Group Riding

  • 3 red LEDs permanently on with pulse (low power)
  • 3 red LEDs permanently on with pulse (high power)

Additional brackets are available from the 'Accessories' section of our website.

* Regulations surrounding rear lighting for bicycles is a grey area in the UK and if you want to be absolutely certain of being within the law, then don’t use the TT mode. At FOUR4TH we find there are specific situations (eg. when we're riding a TT on a busy 'A' road in blinding sunlight) when we would prefer to chance the unlikelihood of receiving a £30 fine, than risk being rear-ended by a driver who just didn't see the cyclist in front of him. It’s for you the rider to make that judgement call.

Always weigh up the conditions that you're riding in when you select your mode, and watch our YouTube video for more guidance.

It is your responsibility to check the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations for the country in which you are using your lights.

We can offer specific program modes for different countries - just ask.

If buying in conjunction with the Scorpion Extension Bracket please refer to Scorpion Extension Bracket T&C's


With standard bracket, Battery and charger

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